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Services provided by the Library
Internet Access
The library provides free WiFi and computers for on site access to the Internet. The library is a WiFi area for those who wish to use their own equipment. Little Falls residents must use their library card number to access the Internet. The Internet is also accessible with any active PALS Plus (Passaic Area Library System) library card. Non-residents who do not have a PALS Plus library card must provide a photo-ID at the Circulation Desk to receive a Guest Pass.   
Print-outs and Copies
Print-outs from library computers are 15 cents per page.
Photocopies are 15 cents for black/white, and 25 cents for color copies.    

Use of Non-Library Equipment
Personal appliances, such as computers and tablets may be used if the noise level is low and use does not interfere with others. Because of the lack of outlets and safety concerns, all appliances should be battery-powered. Cellphones should be turned off or switched to a non-audible signal and should be answered outside the library.
Exam proctoring
While the library sees itself as both a center for independent learning and a support center for  formal education, the proctoring of examinations places very specific demands on staff time and library space. Both of these resources being limited, the library may not be able to accommodate proctoring as frequently as it would like. Students seeking this service must speak with the director, Kristin Blumberg, at least 1 month prior to the  examination date and must be Little Falls residents.
Exams will only be scheduled during hours that the library is open to the public, and within the proctor's regular work schedule. No more  that 2 courses per academic period will be scheduled for a single individual. Students are responsible for  notifying their institution and for making any necessary arrangements. There will be no charge for  proctoring.
Notary Public
The library has a Notary Public on staff. Please review the library's Notary Service Procedure.
Distributing material at or through the library
Limited display space is available for community organizations to disseminate information. Posters and flyers displayed may be no larger than 8½ inches by 14 inches. Personal or commercial advertisements will not be posted. Items may be displayed for a maximum of one month. Library staff will remove items that have expired or that have been posted for one month. Items removed will be discarded; library staff cannot return posters and flyers that have been displayed.
Items that may be distributed include flyers, brochures, leaflets, newspapers, and pamphlets that provide information about local non-profit civic, educational, cultural, or recreational organizations and events. Materials that promote programs or projects of a personal or commercial nature may not be distributed in the library. Items may be distributed for as long as they are valid. If space becomes limited, preference will be given to items of a timely nature and to organizations or groups that have not recently distributed items. Literature related to political campaigns will not be distributed.
All items for posting or distribution must be presented to the library director for approval; library staff will first date and then post or place items in the information rack.
Distribution or posting of items by the library does not indicate endorsement of the issues, events, or services promoted by those materials. Items left or posted without approval will be removed and discarded.