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Library Staff
Christine Miller, Director
(973) 650-4181
Jennifer Larrinaga, Information and Technical Services (ILS) Librarian & Notary Public
(973) 650-1887
Linda Belen, Children's and Programming Services Specialist
(973) 650-0489

Therese Chidiac, Serials and Digital Services Specialist
(973) 650-2885

Jeremiah Doyle, Website Coordinator and Business Specialist
(973) 650-1971
  Circulation staff: 
Student Pages:

Little Falls Library Board of Trustees
James Damiano, Mayor
Anthony Sgobba, Mayor's Alternate
Tracey Marinelli, Superintendent of Schools
Philip Ligus, Superintendent's Alternate

Bonnie Nolan, President                    
Carol Miller, Vice-President/Secretary
Patricia Toomey, Treasurer
Marianne DeLorenzo, Trustee
Patricia Ross, Trustee
Joyce Frommer, Trustee
Matt Ratering-Youngberg, Trustee

Trustees email: